Painting & Texturing

A variety of selected scenic skills working on numerous productions fulfilling the roles of scenic artist, assistants, and communicator. 


Using plaster to achieve the style of concrete desired. Followed by numerous colour shades reflecting the ingredients of concrete using roscos.

Scaling and painting

Gridding up large drawings and painting at a large scale.

Original painting 'Prism' by Jenny Saville



Using both selected brick vat forms, and also plaster to achieve various brick finishes. Using mainly roscos, plaster, plaster powder and idenden. 



CNC cut tiles and finished with filler and roscos. Using stanley knives creating the cracks.



Creating our own wood graining tools to large scales and made tools with numerous watered roscos layers to achieve true woodgrain specific to each design. 

Painting into carpet

Creating with stencils a  traditional pub looking carpet using roscos. 


12 x 9m silver birches. Using artex, wallpaper paste, and wallpaper to achieve the paper finish desired. Finally using wire brushes creating the ageing trees.